Make Every Day Count

Viscount is a simple app that counts how many days have past for all your important dates.


Why Viscount?

Everybody takes time for granted at some point. It’s easy to lose track of the days as they tick by. Viscount helps you keep time in perspective by showing you a running count of the elapsed days for all your important dates.


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Unlimited counters

Viscount doesn’t limit the number of dates that you can track. This means you’ll always have space for storing those important milestones.

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Popular uses for Viscount

Life is full of important dates that you should track – when you first met your significant other, started a daily running streak, decided to quit smoking, last took a vacation or launched a new business venture. Let us know how you use Viscount.

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Get involved

We’d love to hear how you use Viscount and get your feedback. If you have a suggestion then get in touch. You can also view or comment on our Viscount Trello board.