Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the world need another count down app?

Most of the iOS apps out there pay special attention to aesthetics like backgrounds but have an arbitrary limit on the number of dates that you can store. Also it was difficult to review all the recorded dates in a list context.

We wanted to build an app that didn’t have these constraints.

How many counters can I have going at any time?

There is no software limitation on the number of counters that Viscount can store. Theoretically, you could track millions of counters. You are only limited to the storage capacity of your device.

Why do counters have a locale and timezone?

This means that your counter will be precise and consider any daylight savings or time zone differences relative to where you are now. When you create a new counter Viscount will automatically default to your current locale and timezone.

Why is this free?

We’ve created Viscount as a side project and because we believe it’s useful. This means that we’re unlikely to pile loads of resources into this, so for now, we’ve made it free – however if the app proves to be popular then we may commercialise Viscount.

What other counter apps are there?

We’ve kept the features & design of Viscount really simple. However, there are hundreds of other good iOS counter apps out there. Here are our three favourites.

T-Zero – (Free) Neat app but limited to 10 dates.

Big Day – ($0.99) Allows you to track 20 dates and lets you add your own background images. However it only tracks days and doesn’t break down time.

Days+ – ($1.99) A more advanced version of Big Day that allows you to track an unlimited number events – however it only tracks days and doesn’t track time either.

Where’s the Android version?

Unfortunately, we don’t have Viscount for Android. Part of the reason why we started this side project was to explore iOS development.

We don’t have any immediate plans for an Android version, however we highly recommend Final Countdown.