Usability test results

I’ve just received the results from a five-minute usability test of the Viscount website. I have a love-hate relationship with usability tests. I love watching someone use something that we’ve built. They always uncover the unexpected. However it’s also a toe-curling experience to watch a test candidate as they become increasingly frustrated, confused or challenged by a product. But once I get over myself, I’m really grateful that I’m now aware of these issues and can focus on fixing things that actually matter – and usually pretty easily too.

Writing and designing a good usability test is hard. In our simplified example the candidate was given free reign and only asked to answer three standard questions. Ideally you’d also want to make sure that the test candidates were representative of your target customer. In this case, I directed the tester to our workaholic page – which seemed most appropriate out of the six use cases available.

You can see Viscount’s actual results below. If you’d like to run your own free usability test on your website then give UserTesting a try.

usability test

Photo Credit: Lab Tour by Steve Jurvetson (Creative Commons)