Viscount is born

Tim & Henry are pleased to announce the birth of their new app, Viscount, which was delivered on the iTunes App Store at 15:47 EDT, on 7 April 2014 weighing in at 280 kilobytes. Both app and dads are doing well.

We built Viscount to count the days since or until a given date. Some people think I’m a bit obsessive about this, but important dates can sometimes be neglected and you lose perspective on when they happened. This is why we created Viscount. Here’s a list of a few of the things that I track:

  • Days since we started working on a new product – anyone that works in the startup world will know this is a big deal. Still working on that MVP after 200 days? Tut-tut! We want to ship new products early and often. Viscount helps us keep focused on the days we’ve invested in an idea and so we never become complacent.
  • Days since we hired an employee – Length of service is a big deal for me and I want to make sure I never forget that.
  • Days since I moved to Toronto – I have no idea how long I’m going to be here, but I’m going to make sure every day counts and get the most of this fantastic city while I can.
  • Days (and years!) since my godchildren were born. Unfortunately I live on the other side of the world from these amazing guys – at least Viscount helps me keep track of their age. I’m also ashamed to admit I track my own age – yes, I’m that forgetful.

And loads more… I’m sure there are tons of important milestones that need to be tracked in your life too – e.g. when you first met your significant other, started a daily running streak, decided to quit smoking or launched a new business venture.

We hope you find Viscount useful and would love to know what you count. Download Viscount from the App Store and keep in touch!

Photo Credit: Confetti Sherrie Thai